6 Percent Farmer Quota Plots in Noida Extension

Are you a farmer looking for land in the Noida area? If so, then you may be interested in the 6 percent farmers' plots in Noida Extension. By providing these plots, the Greater Noida Authority does not have to buy the farmers' land and instead allows them to buy plots in Noida Extension. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a plot in this area, these farmers' plots may be a good option for you.

The following are some things you need to consider if you want to invest your money here:

What Do You Mean By Kisan Quota Plots in Noida?

Plots in the village or "Kisan Quota" are those that the Noida Authority has given to farmers as compensation. The plot's total area is set at 5% of the total area purchased by the government. In Noida's developed or developing region, 5% of the total land area is allocated to farmers under this.

The farmer must acquire these plots allocated in his name through a few formalities. Additionally, they must pay a fee for the Authority's allocation letter. These plots are located in newly developed areas or industries where the Authority is active and responsible for development.

In addition to compensation, the farmers receive 6% of the land the Greater Noida Authority has purchased as developed plots. These are comparable to Yamuna Expressway plots at 7% and Noida
plots at 5% Kisan quota.

6% Farmer Quota Plots in Noida Extension are directed and allotted to the farmers by the authorities without causing further hassle. Getting 6% Authority plots in Noida Extension will be a good decision because the area is well-developed with all the facilities and proper planning, such as an appropriate system of sewerage, water supply, electricity, parks, wide roads, and more.

These 6% Abadi plots in Noida Extension are not just available for residential purposes but also for commercial purposes too. Compared to freehold plots, whose legality is constantly in doubt, these plots are allotted directly to farmers and are, therefore, safe and lawful. Kisan Kota Plots in Noida Extension are available in different Greater Noida West sectors, usually near Sector 10, Sector 12, Sector 20, Knowledge Park V, and so many more. The size of farmer plots in the Noida extension is between 60m to 2500m, and in contrast to freehold plots, where the future is uncertain, the Authority can easily verify the legality, and the full legal process is carried out within the Authority with the assistance of an attorney.

Advantages of Farmer Quota Plots

● 6% Kisan Quota Plots may be used for residential and commercial purposes. This is the best option if you want to get the place for commercial purposes or start a business.

● When you compare these plots with the other government option, then you will find them more economical.

● If you want to lower ticket investment, there are plots available in smaller sizes.

● Provide a superior return rate on investment in raising capital and rental prices.

● These plots are given to farmers directly, so there won't be any legal issues in the future.

● These Kisan quota plots in Greater Noida West have excellent infrastructure with all the contemporary amenities necessary for people to live there.

When it comes to the location and surroundings, these 6 percent kisan plots in Noida extension are the best option. Plus, these plots come with prime locations, economical, green surroundings, are well-developed, and are also eligible for bank loans.

Checklist for Purchasing the farmer plots in Noida Extension

● Before purchasing, one must ensure that the property has a clear title and determine whether the owner has original documents in his name.

● The Noida Authority or the allottee (farmer) should handle the plot's registry.

● The water department must have the land owner's most recent NOC for water supply, and Noida Authority must have no outstanding account balances.

● Verify the authenticity of the possession certificate, allocation letter, and other pertinent leasing agreements between the Authority and the farmer.

Final Thoughts on Kisan Quota Plots

Residents of Noida frequently choose kisan quota plots, particularly those who want to live freely in a home they helped design. These are the plots that the Noida government has given to farmers as a kind of compensation. However, the allotment comes with a lot of legal requirements. The additional benefit of Noida Kisan Quota plots is that they are supplied at a lower circular charge.

Location Property Type Size Price Contact Number
Sector 10 Plots 60, 120, 250, 300, 430 MTR Per Square Meter 60 TO 80 Thousand ON REQUEST
Sector 12 Plots 60, 120, 250, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 48 TO 80 Thousand ON REQUEST
Sector 16 B Plots 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 50 TO 80 Thousand ON REQUEST
Sector 20 Plots 120, 150, 200, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 40 TO 45 Thousand ON REQUEST