Plots in Noida Extension

If you have been thinking of investing in real estate, then plots in Noida Extension are what you should consider investing in! It is the area that has caught the attention of both individual investors and developers. You may come across several different types of plots here, which is why it has become a focal point for real estate enthusiasts offering various opportunities.

In the coming years, Greater Noida West or Noida Extension will become the real estate star as it has swiftly ascended the rank in the real estate domain. Noida Extension has become a top location for real estate investments thanks to its proximity to important business areas like Noida and Delhi, excellent connectivity via the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, and future metro connectivity.

One may find several investment options in Noida Extension, but plots in Greater Noida West hold a distinct allure. These vacant pieces of land serve as a canvas for investors to shape their real estate dreams. Plots allow people to design something that suits their interests, whether they want to build a residential refuge, a commercial hub, or a combination of the two.

Types of Residential plots in Noida extension

The land sizes offered in Noida Extension meet a wide range of requirements. Investors can select a plot size that fits their goals and budget, ranging from 50 al (450 square feet) to 300 Gaj (2,700 square feet).

The most popular plot sizes are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 Gaj plots in Noida Extension. This variety makes sure that buyers can select a plot that is appropriate for their intended usage, whether it be for personal or business purposes.

● Freehold Plots

Purchasing a block of land is an investment in your future. Due to this, ownership is essential, and freehold plots in Noida Extension provide it. These plots offer security and permanency since ownership rights go beyond just usage. You can build on, sell, or leave your plot to subsequent generations, guaranteeing that your investment endures through time.

● Society Plots

The social atmosphere of planned communities is what society plots in Noida Extension appeal to. These lots are a part of well-planned developments that provide a seamless living environment.

The best of both worlds is offered by society plots, which combine the independence of a plot with the coziness of a tight-knit neighborhood. They feature thoughtful layouts, shared amenities, and a sense of community.

● Authority Plots

Noida authority plots represent safe and well-thought-out real estate investments. These plots provide controlled growth, first-rate infrastructure, and legal legitimacy because the Noida Growth Authority supports them. They provide a solid basis for your real estate ambitions and are ideal for residential or commercial endeavors.






Delhi World Public School

The Millennium School

Lotus Valley International School

Ryan International School

Sarvottam International School

BGS Vijnatham School



Capital Arcade

Gaur City Mall (Operational)

Galaxy Diamond Plaza

NX One Mall

Rise Commercial

Bhutani Grandthum



Sector 78 Metro (Operational)

Noida Extension Metro

Local Transport From Gaur Chowk

Excellent Connectivity from FNG

Local Transport From Surajpur



Yatharth Hospital (Operational)

Medanta Hospital Noida (Upcoming)

Max Hospital Noida

Kailash Hospital Noida

Fortis Hospital Noida

Advantages of Investing in Plots in Noida Extension

● Customization

Investors can plan and build on plots by their desires. Dream homes can be built on residential plots in Noida Extension, and prosperous commercial spaces can be converted into office buildings.

● Appreciation Potential

The demand for real estate in Noida Extension has been consistently rising. This translates to potential appreciation in the value of the plot over time, making it an attractive long-term investment.

● Flexibility

Investors can choose between society plots in Noida Extension, part of planned developments, and freehold plots in Noida Extension, which offers ownership rights. Thanks to this flexibility, investors can choose the sort of ownership that best suits their goals.

● Strategic Location

Because of its proximity to essential hubs and well-planned infrastructure, Noida Extension enjoys a strategic location that appeals to investors and end users.

● Diversification

You may find plots for sale in the Noida extension that offer diverse investment opportunities. Residential and commercial projects are available to investors, allowing for a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Investing in plots in Noida Extension will be a great option one can ever make as, in the future, there will be an excellent opportunity for people to get better ROI.

Location Property Type Size Price Contact Number
Sector 10 Freehold Plots 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 Gaj 20 TO 50 Gaj Thousand ON REQUEST
Sector 12 Authority Plots 60, 120, 250, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 48 TO 80 Thousand ON REQUEST
Authority Sector 16 B Plots 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 50 TO 80 Thousand ON REQUEST
Sector 20 Authority Plots 120, 150, 200, 300, 500 MTR Per Square Meter 40 TO 45 Thousand ON REQUEST