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A well-designed co-living apartment is available in Gaur City to live in your surroundings.


Fully furnished comfort stay apartments in Gaur City with best amenities.


Low Budget Affordable Apartments/Flats available for Rent in Gaur City.

Flats For Rent in Noida Extension

The NOIDA extension may be located along the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA Link Road. It is largely made up of vertical structures, with the bulk of dwellings being multi-story. Noida Extension is a commercial and residential area. The Noida-Greater Noida Link Road, Vikas Marg, and Taj Highway link the area, and it is also adjacent to NH-24. In NOIDA Extension, the development of social infrastructure in the form of schools and universities, hospitals, restaurants, retail malls, and market structures is proceeding. Ryan International School is one of at least eleven schools in the region. A number of significant retail malls and complexes are also located in the area. Noida Extension is well-connected to a lot of significant Noida and Greater Noida employment corridors.

A crucial element propelling residential expansion in Noida Extension is its proximity to Noida, Greater Noida, New Delhi, and Ghaziabad. The micro-market features well-developed and broad roadways for a more enjoyable trip. Major roads in the area include the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road, Bisrakh Road, and Vikas Marg. In addition, the Noida Metro Phase 2 (Sector 71 - Technology Park 5) is expected to boost regional connectivity. It stretches from Gaur City in the north to Knowledge Park V in the south along the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road. Noida Sector 121 and 122 are around 4 kilometers east of the Hindon River. Gaur Chowk is a well-known landmark at the entrance of Noida Extension.

The Noida Extension is one of the greatest areas to rent an apartment; the rentals are reasonable in comparison to other sections of the city, and all of the complexes have world-class amenities. Schools, hospitals, a market, and whatever else you would need can be found in Noida Extension. There are a lot of fantastic complexes in this region that provide all of the necessary security and facilities at an affordable price. There will also be a future airport developed, allowing you to travel in comfort. Noida Extension is surrounded by natural greenery, allowing you to relax in peace. Because of its proximity to workplaces, it is also a premium option for end-users who wish to reside closer to Noida. Noida Extension gets bonus marks for its wide highways and rich social/retail amenities.

Why choose flats For Rent in Noida extension?

Renting a home in Noida Extension is an excellent way to live a happy life.

If you rent a Residential Apartments in Noida Extension, you will have access to the city's increased amenities. You'll never be bored in this industrial district, which includes a diverse assortment of businesses, ice cream parlors, office spaces, and fashion boutiques. There are a number of groundwater resources as well. Because more than 20% of the territory is covered with flora with tree-lined avenues, there is less pollution and more fresh air to breathe.

As a consequence, Noida Extension is equipped with everything you require. Parks, recreation facilities, and other amenities are among the many areas that are constructed scientifically and professionally. These are just some of the advantages of buying a house in Noida Extension. This neighborhood was designed and built to accommodate millions of people from the NCR's middle and higher classes.

1 BHK flats for rent in Noida Extension

1 BHK flat for rent consists of a traditional master bedroom, a hall, and a kitchen. The bathroom and toilet in the master bedroom are located outside the room and are not linked to it. The 1BHK is a popular layout for those looking to rent a place, particularly in central areas, due to the affordable price range. At the same time, the 1.5BHK offers a huge master bedroom and a smaller bedroom that may be used as a bedroom, study, library, servant room, or even a storage room. The renters can use this extra room in the flat area as a utility room, puja room, children's playroom, or storage space. The room may or may not have windows and other amenities. It's a good choice for frequent travelers who want to return to a familiar environment. When a one-bedroom apartment is compared to a three- or four-bedroom apartment, the mean effect size per unit is comparatively minimal. This implies you'll have extra room in your residence.

2 BHK flats for rent in Noida Extension

Two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen make up a two-bedroom, two-bathroom flat. The 2 BHK's master bedroom has an attached toilet, while the guest washroom is outside the rooms. Mid-sized families with little children choose them for rent since they give more space than a 1 BHK flat and are less expensive than a 3 BHK home. A house with a 2.5BHK featuring two bedrooms and a small room that may be used as a storeroom or a servant room is very popular in Noida expansion. Such BHK apartment apartments are becoming extremely prevalent for renting, particularly in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR). They are popular among four to five-person families because they offer the luxury of a three-bedroom apartment at a decent cost. In Noida Extension, 2BHK flats with sizes varying from 650 to 1050 square feet are popularly available for rental. In certain areas, the sizes are as little as 600 square feet. However, in premium residential complexes, 2BHK apartment layouts of 1,000 sq ft or more provide big houses for prospective renters.

3 BHK flats for rent in Noida Extension

Three bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen make up a three-bathroom home. These three-bedroom flats, notably in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), such as Noida Extension, are becoming increasingly popular for rental purposes. In a three-bedroom house, there are three sets of washrooms, two of which are connected to the rooms and one outside. A tenant may be able to customize the interior of a three-bedroom house beyond a certain extent. The most significant advantage is the amount of space available. It is one of the best options for large families looking to dwell in Noida Extension because of its vast capacity. Few apartments offer servants' quarters, making it ideal for families with two working parents.

4 BHK flats for rent in Noida Extension

Four bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen make up a 4BHK apartment. It's worth noting that, despite the lack of a 'T' in the abbreviation for a toilet area, every BHK features a bath and toilet. A four-bedroom apartment is more expensive to buy than to rent. If you want to rent a 4 BHK property in any arrangement, you must first examine your earnings before considering the additional costs. A two-bedroom apartment may initially look appropriate for a young family, but as the family develops, the same unit may no longer be sufficient. In and near Noida Extension, a 4 BHK flat, on the other hand, may give adequate space for a modern family to live peacefully.

Fully Furnished flats For Rent in Noida Extension

With a spate of new residential buildings being erected at a rapid pace, Noida Extension is a destination for home renters. The neighborhood has undergone tremendous progress in terms of public infrastructure, metro line extension, roads, communication with the surrounding region, and more. There are already more than 250 residential complexes in Noida Extension. More than 30 projects with fully furnished flats are in the works. In the fully equipped flats of Noida Extension's numerous complexes, almost 50K families dwell. In the next 1-2 years, several developers are anticipated to offer many fully equipped residences for rent on subscription basis.

User FAQ About Flats For Rent in Noida Extension?

Ans:- 1 BHK Flat Rent Starting 9,000 .
Ans:- Fully Furnished 1 BHK Flat Rent Starting 14,000.
Ans:- There are 15+ 1 BHK Flats Available for Rent.
Ans:- 2 BHK Flat Rent Starting 14,000.
Ans:- Fully Furnished 2 BHK Flat Rent Starting 20,000.
Ans:- There are 20+ 2 BHK Flats Available for Rent.
Ans:- 3 BHK Flat Rent Starting 17,000.
Ans:- Fully Furnished 3 BHK Flat Rent Starting 22,000.
Ans:- There are 25+ 3 BHK Flats Available for Rent.
Ans:- 15 + Flats for Rent in Noida Extension Under 12,000
Ans:- Nearby market Gaur City Mall, Galaxy Diamond Plaza, Galaxy Blue Sapphire, NX One Mall, Artha Mart, D Mart available.
Ans:- 10+ Flats for rent in Noida Extension are available directly from owners.